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About Us

our mission

Sand City Volleyball offers players an opportunity to be an integral part of a comprehensive and competitive volleyball program.

Our practices are run with structure, discipline and intensity.  Extensive team bonding and building events connect players both on and off the court and help to enrich each player’s experience. Weekly volleyball specific strength and conditioning, with an emphasis on nutrition, fitness and wellness along with our Skills and Drills sessions, rounds out our dynamic programs.

Our goal is for all our players to feel a sense of purpose on their teams, to define and work towards accomplishing their personal goals and to build on their character as a player and as a person.


Sand City Volleyball Club formed in 2018 and although the club is new, the founders have decades of experience in key aspects of the sport.  A chance meeting and shared visions of what we could do to help the local communities brought us together to launch this club.

We are sports families and understand the challenges that families face when integrating sports into our daily lives.  One of our goals is to address these challenges from our perspectives as parents. We ask ourselves what information or operation would help make the lives of our families a little easier.

  • We have a set practice facility, the Monterey Peninsula College gym will be the home gym for the club
  • Every team’s practice schedule for the season will be posted at the start of the season
  • We will provide a breakdown of how the club fees are allocated
  • We will be responsive to your inquiries

Practice Locations

Harbor High

300 La Fonda Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Live Oak Elementary

1916 Capitola Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

VHM Christian School

427 Capitola Road Extension
Santa Cruz, CA 95062